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Why work with us?

We are a full passionate team who are working on a solid startup idea that got backed by 500 TukTuks & Dtac Accelerate. We always work on what we believe and have a passion on. Each of us work as an owner and will success as a team.

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Jobs opening


February 21 2023

Digital Marketing Executive

Execute digital marketing campaigns for both in-house and client products by mixing technology with amazing marketing ideas.

February 21 2023

Software Engineer (Full-stack)

Expertise in multiple programming languages: React and Node.js, and managing the server-side of web applications.

February 22 2023

UI Designer

UI Designer is an Interior Designer of Digital products that establish an aesthetically pleasing and seamless user experience.

February 21 2023

Software Engineer (React)

Develop the user interface of a website or application with React and ensure that the user experience is smooth and intuitive.

February 21 2023

Graphic Designer

Create visual concepts and designs that communicate the desired message effectively.

February 21 2023

Creative Content Marketing

"Creative Storyteller" builds trust and loyalty with the audience and ultimately drives conversions and sales.

January 20 2022

Software Engineer (Node.js)

Provide the server-side code optimized for performance, security, and scalability with Node.js.

February 22 2023

Project Manager

Full of a thorough understanding of project management methodologies and tools to drive our projects efficiently.

February 22 2023

UX Designer

An intuitive understanding of user-centered design to create enjoyable products for our users.

February 22 2023

Product Manager

A key man to make data-driven decisions with cross-functional teams to align the market and industry trends.

February 27 2023

Quality Assurance (QA)

Ensure the software is functioning as intended, free of defects, user-friendly, and meets the requirements of our users.