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We are a tech-savvy and business innovation builder team, passionate about the dynamics of the technology-business mindset. Also, focus on impact with a sense of ownership and do better things for sharing and caring for people around. Working with a team that shares your values and goals is what you are looking for, right? If yes, let’s be one of our team!

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Customer Support
People & Office

December 1 2023

Digital Marketing Executive

Execute digital marketing campaigns for both in-house and client products by mixing technology with amazing marketing ideas.

December 1 2023

Software Engineer (Full-stack)

Expertise in multiple programming languages: React and Node.js, and managing the server-side of web applications.

December 1 2023

Account Executive & Sale

Strong communication and negotiation skills with clients. Ensure the smooth running of social media campaigns.

February 28 2024

People & Admin Officer

A key person to drive OCI People club a happy and lively workplace environment.

December 1 2023

City Manager (Based in Chaing Mai)

A Key Project Runner in the Chiang Mai base, contributing to smooth coordination between the clients and merchants.

December 1 2023

Office and Executive Assistant

General administrative and clerical support to ensure the smooth functioning of the office.

February 29 2024

Software Development Sales

A key person, work in-depth understanding of client needs and expertise in technology development.

December 1 2023

Travel Experience Manager

Drive travel projects to be more outstanding destination and make it impactful to the locals

December 1 2023

Performance Marketing (Biddable Specialist)

Online advertising optimisation (Meta Ads, TikTok Ads and Google Ads) with a data-driven approach.

December 1 2023

Flutter Developer

Specialist in using the Flutter framework to build cross-platform mobile applications.

December 1 2023

Video Content Creator

Delivering visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos that align with the brand's objectives and messages

December 1 2023

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Master of digital marketing campaigns for both in-house and client products by mixing technology with amazing marketing ideas.

December 1 2023

UI Designer

UI Designer is an Interior Designer of Digital products that establish an aesthetically pleasing and seamless user experience.

December 1 2023

UX/UI Designer

A Digital Interface Designer strives to create designs that are visually appealing while also delivering a user-friendly and satisfying experience.

March 11 2024

People Manager

People Care Taker is an essential role to provide good employee services and good energy to everyone in a team.

December 1 2023

Customer Experience (Travel Platform)

A middle person who works to ensure both the customer and the local expert are happy on their wonderful journey

December 1 2023

Software Engineer (React)

Develop the user interface of a website or application with React and ensure that the user experience is smooth and intuitive.

December 1 2023

Graphic Designer

Create visual concepts and designs that communicate the desired message effectively.

December 1 2023

Creative Content Marketing

"Creative Storyteller" builds trust and loyalty with the audience and ultimately drives conversions and sales.

December 1 2023

Software Engineer (Node.js)

Provide the server-side code optimized for performance, security, and scalability with Node.js.

December 1 2023

Project Manager

Full of a thorough understanding of project management methodologies and tools to drive our projects efficiently.

December 1 2023

UX Designer

An intuitive understanding of user-centered design to create enjoyable products for our users.

December 1 2023

Product Manager

A key man to make data-driven decisions with cross-functional teams to align the market and industry trends.

December 1 2023

Quality Assurance (Software Tester)

Ensure the software is functioning as intended, free of defects, user-friendly, and meets the requirements of our users.